Welcome to Eithon Bridge

Welcome to Eithon Bridge Publications – a new small press publishing poetry collections, pamphlets and anthologies.

EBP’s first venture is All a Cat Can Be, an anthology of poems and photographs in aid of New Start Cat Rescue, a charity based in Gloucestershire. Eithon Bridge is delighted to have endorsement for the book from acclaimed poet Alison Brackenbury, who lives in the county and is well known for her love of cats – and horses. Two of New Start’s patrons have written paragraphs for the Foreword for the book, explaining how their love of cats began and how it has grown over the years, along with their writing careers. Bestselling author Stephen Leather http://www.stephenleather.com  and award-winning novelist Christina Jones http://www.christinajones.co.uk  are highly valued patrons of the New Start Cat Rescue charity, and EBP is thrilled to think they will be reading the poems in this first book from Eithon Bridge Publications.
All a Cat Can Be is edited by Sharon Larkin and Sheila Macintyre.

The book includes 53 poems and 25 photographs – the work of 37 poets and 3 photographers. It is an enjoyable volume of poems and pictures, pleasing to poets and ailurophiles – of course – but appealing very much to the general reader too. The poems are accessible and varied … some humorous, some moving, some surreal, almost all of them born out of a lifetime of living with, caring for and developing a deep bond with their pets.. Among the contributors are acclaimed poets whose work poetry enthusiasts will already be familiar with  –  poets such as Alison Brackenbury, Ann Drysdale, Carrie Etter, Brenda Read-Brown, Angela Topping, Melanie Branton, Jessica Mookherjee, Patrick B Osada, Angi Holden, Rachael Clyne, Gareth Writer-Davies and Nina Lewis.  But there are many more contributors to the book, whom poetry enthusiasts may not yet have read … and are going to delight in discovering.

This first publication – an anthology in support of a charity – will not be typical of EBP’s output. Many talented poets are looking forward to the appearance of their first pamphlet or collection and this is where Eithon Bridge can really help, providing a way for them to enter the realm of  ‘the published poet’.  Perhaps even an established poet or two will be heading in the direction of EBP with their next manuscript.

Keep abreast of EBPs news by following Eithon Bridge on Twitter and checking out the corresponding Facebook and Instagram pages.  There are exciting times ahead!

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